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A number of years ago when Lynn first (and some would say “finally”) started shooting weddings, it’s like she’d prepared for that moment her whole life. From a photography perspective, she’d always had the eye and the equipment. As she tells us, “I remember as far back as 6th grade being the one on the class trip with multiple disposable cameras to capture everything.” She later went on to work at Ritz Camera for eight years, learning the ins-and-outs of all the different cameras as well as film processing. Finally, she bought her own SLR film camera and learned how to maneuver the different settings to create the effects she wanted. Lynn was getting valuable hands-on training with the equipment while gaining invaluable wedding experience with Elite Entertainment. Besides serving as our office manager for over a decade now, Lynn has music mixed at weddings as well as assisted with Elite Video Productions. She also worked in catering for a few years.

All of this experience has helped her as a wedding photographer. As she explains: “knowing first-hand what some of the other vendor’s priorities are allows me to not only get my job done, but also make sure I don’t interfere with theirs.” It also allows her to be an even bigger help to the couple: “I often help with other little things throughout the day if needed: help dress the bride, put boutonnieres on the guys, bustle bridal gown, and other little things I happen to know how to do simply from being around weddings forever. Many times I double as a personal assistant for the day.”

When it comes to shooting weddings, Lynn loves when “a couple is comfortable showing their affection – that really comes through in the photos. Also, a fun couple (and bridal party) willing to try different ideas and just go with it. That helps to create some truly memorable and unique images.” For example, a common series of pictures Lynn likes to get involves the bridal party posing for her. “Then I have them change it up a few times. When I have a really fun group, some of the photos I wind up with are the hilarious!”

Family is particularly important to Lynn. She loves to spend time with her two beautiful daughters and her husband, adding, “I’m a big fan of vacations, specifically cruises and anything outdoors!” Lynn also loves music (as the wife of a DJ and music producer that is probably a prerequisite) and she still enjoys going to clubs or concerts. She’s an incredibly popular photographer and her schedule fills quickly so if you are interested in Lynn shooting your wedding, contact us as soon as possible for her availability and to set up an appointment.



The art world is filled with examples of offspring going into their parent’s profession and succeeding. Whether it’s the gene pool that does it or the obvious training one gets from their parents at such a young age, the examples are numerous: from Michael Douglas to Miley Cyrus and from Jamie Lee Curtis to Judy Garland. Here at Elite Digital Images we have our own example: Carrie Roberts. Carrie is Martin Tremarco’s daughter and as she tells us, “when I was a kid my father bought me a camera for my birthday and I was always taking pictures.” What began as a childhood hobby grew. Carrie “spent more time at MotoPhoto then the employees” before finally assisting her father on a wedding and discovering her true passion.

What’s commendable about Carrie, and what makes her such an accomplished photographer, is that she didn’t stop learning at her father’s knee. She has taken classes and seminars with some of the world’s greatest photographers. Plus, she studies her craft. “I am constantly looking through bridal magazines, watching wedding shows on TV and of course Pintrest,” she says. “I love to get fresh ideas and turn them into something even better,” adding, “I find that my brides give me some of the best ideas too.”

When she’s not shooting a wedding or selling our photography and videography services to perspective brides and grooms-to-be, Carrie dedicates her time to her family. ”I am a proud mother of four kids and married to the love of my life so when I’m not working 99.9% of my time is dedicated to them.” Her kids are involved in dance class, boy scouts and sports. “I love family outings to the boardwalk or amusement parks” she tells us. Plus she’s a huge sports fan, “specifically college football (Go Michigan), Yankees and The New York Jets.”

Oddly enough, her home life helps her professional life. As she explains: “I thrive on chaos (with the whole 4 kids thing who wouldn’t) so big bridal parties are my specialty.” Carrie loves working with outgoing couples who are “willing to do pretty much whatever needs to be done to get an awesome picture.” And getting closer to her clients before the wedding often helps to set that tone: “my main objective before the wedding is to become more than just their photographer… I become their friend. It makes the wedding day so great to have that friendly synergy with my couples.”

And at the end of a long day, what makes Carrie so happy that she’s chosen this profession? “My favorite part of my job is to see the expression on a brides face when they see their photos or when I receive a rave review about how I captured their wedding in way they never could have imagined.”

We ended our interview with Carrie by asking her an admittedly tough question: Do you have a favorite picture you’ve taken? For any artist this has to be a hard question, choosing between all the great images they’ve captured through the years. But none of us were surprised when Carrie gave us her answer. It’s a shot she’s incredibly proud of and has used on the cover of her sample album. We’ll let her explain: “One of my favorite pictures is of a bride sitting on bar with the groomsmen all pretending to be passed out all around her. When the picture was taken there were a bunch of us laughing so hard trying to set the shot up, me lifting the bride onto the bar, bridesmaids falling over each other laughing behind me. Again, I thrive on chaos and I remember how chaotic the set-up was but the final product really captures the sense of humor my couple had, the bridal party had and my sense of humor. My whole objective for a wedding day is to make sure I take the most amazing pictures and that everyone has a great time while I am doing it!”

Knowing Carrie as we do, that last sentence perfectly sums up her perspective and personality.



When we interviewed Cyndi for our site she told us a very touching story. She has a photograph from her own wedding day that she looks at often. Her and her new husband are dancing and the way the photographer caught the moment, the way Cyndi and her husband are looking at each other — the love between them is just so self-evident. Every time she looks at that picture she is brought back to her own wedding and she relives the joy and the love that surrounded her that day. That’s the photograph that motivates Cyndi to do what she does. She wants to capture a similar moment for all of her brides. She wants to freeze all that joy and emotion in to one still to be enjoyed for years and years to come. “That is why I truly love what I do,” she tells us, “I’m able to witness and capture life’s most beautiful moments.”

An interest in photography and capturing life’s most beautiful moments came at a young age for Cyndi. Her first camera “had the flash cube on top that I had to be careful of – there were only so many shots you can take with those.” Her Dad always had a camera in his hand and was constantly taking pictures of the family so Cyndi’s early passion for the hobby was natural. She can recall how exciting it was to wait to see pictures she had taken once they were developed. “Every vacation ,every party, every holiday,” she recalls, “I would have that camera somewhere close by. From film to digital it was always in my hands.”

Then, she met Carrie Roberts. Carrie became a mentor, teaching Cyndi everything she could about shooting weddings. “She has guided me to a road that I truly was destined for,” Cyndi tells us, “to capture beautiful moments and life-long memories.” Cyndi’s training didn’t end with Carrie’s mentorship. She has attended seminars and workshops hosted by world renowned photographers in an effort to always improve her craft.

Cyndi is a devoted wife and mother of “two little ones . . . when I’m not shooting weddings I still have my camera pointed at my cutest subjects.” And today, driven by a desire to always capture a moment like she has from her own wedding, Cyndi is an accomplished wedding photographer. She has a great personality for working with any bridal party and an eye for the most intricate details. If you are interested in having Cyndi photograph your wedding, contact us right away for her availability.